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Brittany has been facilitating transformation for the past 19 years while showing others that living your life authentically can often look way different than society expects of us. In addition to being Polyamorous, kink positive, bisexual and child-free, she's a Sexual Liberation and Relationship Coach, a Sexologist, a Practitioner of Authentic Tantra ®, a writer and a yoga teacher.


Brittany offers coaching workshops and courses and support on her instagram page- sexually_liberated that help to guide humans through their sexual healing, expression, education and evolution. She has guided thousands of people into releasing the stories that stifle them, heal the wounds and stigmas that define them so that they can live an orgasmic, authentic life in every possible way. 

Nick has been committed to the art of photography since he wrapped his fingers around his first camera at the age of twelve. He specializes in people and environmental portraiture and his style is character driven, light conceptual and captures the natural simplicity that life offers. Nick’s outgoing, kind presence helps to put those he photographs at ease and allows him to capture their essence and not just their features. He founded Nick Antony Photography in 2010 and has been enjoying bearing witness to the unique interactions of capturing images ever since. Nick lives in Philadelphia but will gladly travel ANYWHERE ! 

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